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Write a Great Profile and Get More Business!

Many M4M masseurs are really good at selling themselves and their services. If that is NOT you, then read on for some basic but crucial info about writing a great profile! These are only suggestions, but we have been in this business for 20+ years and we have learned these things the hard way so that you don't have to...

1) Think Before You Write - what are your strengths that set you apart from all of the other guys in your area? Everyone does the same kinds of work but each individual or couple brings their own personalities and skills to what they do. Maybe your environment is outstanding, or you have experience with an unusual style, or maybe you have 3 times as many outstanding reviews as anyone else in your area. Think for a few minutes about your best features before you write your profile.

2) Your Main Photo - As much or more than the headline, your main photo will make people look or make them not look. This photo shows on the homepage and in city listings along with many other guys. Yellowed photos from 20 years ago, badly scanned photos, pictures of your place, no picture, pictures of sex toys - all no good. What about those things would make you open up someone else's profile online? Enough said. One more thing. A lot of guys put up headless photos. Do you have to put in a face shot? No. But remember, people are naturally attracted to faces. Without showing your face, your photo loses most of it's appeal. Unless you work for the CIA or plan to become President, it is well worth showing your face to your potential clients.

3) Your Headline - You have 1 line to make someone want to read more, so be direct and mention your strongest point to interest the reader.

4) Your Other Photos - For any web site that you advertise on, use every photo slot that they offer you. Each picture is an opportunity for someone to get more into you. Adult photos are a draw for some and not for others, it depends on what you are all about. Regardless, at least on this web site, use all public and private slots, even if the private photos are not adult. it will make your profile more appealing. One more thing - while pictures of your place are no good for a main photo, they are often great for supplemental photos. It helps describe the experience that you offer (more on that next)...

5) Your Profile Text - Describe in detail what a guy will experience when they meet you. This is what will sell you after your headline, main photo, and supplemental photos have gotten them to read your profile in the first place. What is your environment like, what is the session like, what can they expect? Do you offer them wine, water, a shower? What kind of music, candles, incense, linens do you offer, everything that could be important to a client. What is your touch like, your individual technique? It isn't always the raciest profile or the cutest guy that gets the interest. What sets you apart from the rest, as we discussed before? People respond to sincerity and passion. Also, fill in everything in your profile. Blanks or ask me aren't good. They are asking you now by reading your profile! Profiles that consist of a couple of words or a sentence may sound cute to you, but they really don't provide the information that a guy needs to become interested enough to call you.

6) Contact Information - Be clear about how to contact you, how long it takes to schedule with you, and how long it takes for you to return emails or phone calls. Most clients are looking to meet up sooner rather than later, usually within an hour or two. Many internet masseurs do not have the courtesy to respond to inquiries and this has made potential clients wary and impatient. This one thing can make the difference between someone waiting for your reply and them getting impatient and contacting someone else.

7) Keep It Fresh! - You should change up your photos and text at least once a month and maybe even weekly! The most popular internet masseurs are constantly updating their profiles, especially with new photos. This keeps guys coming back to look and gives you a fresh opportunity to catch someone's eye! Being proactive with your advertising is one of the best ways that you can control getting new business. Want to see a profile that is written with care and frequently updated? Click here

Get them to look - Get them to read - Get them to call!


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