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Common Questions About Getting M4M Massage

1) Do I have to be naked? That is really up to you. Lot's of men are comfortable with being unclothed and lots of men aren't. If you would rather have clothing or a towel on then feel free to do that. Masseurs will usually provide something to drape yourself with if you want. Many guys would rather not be clothed during the massage to allow the masseur more freedom of movement when working on them.

2) When do I pay for my massage? In most places, the client pays after the session is over, but you should ask your masseur before the session if you aren't sure. Masseurs are more likely to expect up front payment for late night visits, hotel visits, or in environments that are not familiar to them.

3) Should I tip? How much? Tipping a masseur is customary in a private setting. Tipping your masseur is like tipping for anything else. If you got good service and are happy with the experience then anything up to 20% is usually great. You might tip more than that if your masseur went out of his way for you. Masseurs don't always accept tips, but they will appreciate the offer regardless.

4) When should I arrive for my session? Session times are usually time on the table, so arrive 10-15 min early so you have time to discuss anything and get comfortable with the environment and each other.

5) What if I am nervous or embarrased? Talk to your masseur. They have more than likely done massage with all types of guys many, many times. If you are nervous about showing your body than discuss draping. If you are nervous about being touched somewhere then tell your masseur and he can avoid the area. Being nervous about your environment is a more personal choice. If you are nervous about having a new experience then try to let go and enjoy the moment. On the other hand, if you are nervous about the safety of the environment that you are in then listen to your instincts.

6) What should I bring? What shouldn't I bring? Bring comfortable clothes, money for your session, and money for a tip if you like. Avoid bringing other valuables that you could lose, and jewelry that might get in the way.

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