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Maximizing your Gay Bodywork Experience

Ok, so a LOT of us gay guys are hedonists... We like massage and bodywork from other gay men. Why? The reasons are varied but the big one is that gay guys know what other gay guys like. This can be a particular spa treatment, the level of pressure during a massage stroke on a given area, or other things...

Most of maximizing your massage experience boils down to communication, and being in touch with your own likes and dislikes. To find out what you like, try new things. If you don't like something, try something (or someone) else. Massage is experiential, meaning it is easier to experience the difference between styles than it is to try to describe it.

Some of the basics that you want to know beforehand:

  • How long they have been doing bodywork
  • What kind of training have they had
  • What is their neighborhood like (if you are going to them)
  • Do they bring a table (if they are coming to you)
  • Do they expect you draped or not
  • Do you expect them clothed or not
  • Do they have a shower (if that matters to you)
  • Are they gay or gay friendly

When you get used to asking for what you want, there may be other questions that you ask as well, this is just a start.

Once you get there, for the most fun for both of you... Make sure you have used the bathroom, make sure you are showered, and tell them if you need the temperature adjusted.

Masseurs want to please you, so you just have to let them know what is going on. After all, they want your repeat business and they appreciate being tipped. Both of these things are more likely to happen if you enjoy yourself.

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